The ITAC Systems Story

In 1984, Charles Robert “Bob” McLaughlin was using a program called

P-CAD to lay out high-temperature hybrid circuits using a Mouse Systems 3-button mouse on his computer. Bob began to experience severe pain, which started with his wrist, then worked its way up his entire arm and into his neck. This pain is now referred to as Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI). After several days of continuous pain, he determined that it was from using the mouse, hour after hour on a daily basis. As the pain became increasingly worse, Bob became more and more concerned that it would eventually cause a permanent injury.


Since Bob flew private airplanes, he remembered seeing a trackball being used in an air traffic control center. He inquired as to where he could purchase a trackball for personal use, only to find out that no trackballs had been programmed to work with a PC yet. Bob found someone who would let him purchase a trackball. It was a costly purchase, but well worth the money if it would relieve some of the pain he was in.

Bob finally found a prototype that was not only comfortable but Bob began to notice that his pain was not as severe at night using this new device.


After only a week, Bob announced that he was not experiencing any pain after a full day of work using the new trackball! Bob’s friends began to notice and ask questions about this “different looking device” on Bob’s desk. Bob explained about the pain he was experiencing, only to find out that he was not the only one to have this problem. He began to sell the trackballs with the thought, “if I can sell at least a thousand of them, I will be able to break even. Hence, MOUSE-TRAK was invented. The thing that makes this device so unique is that it was created by someone who had a problem to solve, and NOT by someone who was simply assigned to solve a problem.

ITAC Systems to date has sold millions of MOUSE-TRAKS