A sampling of customer testimonials from various industries and personal use

ITAC Systems Customer Testimonials

Writer/Editor - Northbranch, MN

I received the Mouse-trak in short order - last Friday. I have not contacted you about it sooner because I wanted a chance to try it out first. I tried it on the notebook that my son lent me. At first I was surprised because the mouse-trak is so large. I worried about how easy it would be for me because I have tiny hands - my wedding ring was a size 4 1/2.


After I used it for a while, I was impressed with how comfortable it is; how adjustable it is and how easily I could control the cursor. It is a whole different world from the first generation mice. I can't wait to get it installed permanently on my stand-alone computer and use it full time. It will also be interesting to see my oldest son try it. I had sent him the ITAC URL and he looked through the web site and said that he thought the Professional Mouse-trak was the best one for me before you did. As a concerned mother, I am very grateful that ITAC is concentrating on this repetitive injury problem. My son is only 27, a [respected] computer professional, and is already having pain in his wrist. I think before we are done, all of my family will own Mouse-traks! My son will test it in another way -- he has a huge hand! Thank you very much for the Mouse trak

- David Kidder -

Alcatel Software Engineer - Windsor, CA

I've been using trakballs for over 10 years with Mac and Windows operating systems. When I needed a trakball that was compatible with my Sun Workstation, I discovered Itac on the Net. The Itac professional mouse-trak is absolutely the best mouse substitute that I've ever owned!

- Dan Villaby -

Professional Desktop User

Hi there. I'm a current user of the professional model and swear by it! As a c5-6 quadriplegic with no hand function, the mouse trak allows me to use point and click applications as fast as someone with full hand function. Again, I am extremely pleased with the mouse trak and would like ordering information to Canada. Looking forward to purchasing another professional model as a back up. The pro. mouse trak i purchased 4 yrs ago is still working fine, can you believe it , after all the abuse I've put it through

- John Bilaway-

Take 3 Inc - Scottsdale, AZ

I'm a webmaster/site designer and most of my 60+ hour work week is spent on a computer. I've never liked mice and have been a trackball user for years. Although I believe any trackball poses less threat of injury, I began having problems with expensive trackballs I *thought* were ergonomically designed. The last of these, a Logitech TrackMan Marble FX, created worsening severe thumb and wrist pain. By the time I was unable to open jars in the kitchen or even pick up my stainless steel coffee mug by its handle, I knew I had to make a major change.


I've only had my Evolution Mouse-Trak for several days, but the pain is already subsiding. What you say about your design appears to be true! Thanks for a great product!

- Ronald Bell -

ITAC Systems evolution user - Portland, OR

I've had my Evolution for about a month now & I just wanted to congratulate you on such an excellent product. I've been a fan of trackballs instead of mice for many years - and used quite a few different ones. I have never had a pointing device work so well, or so comfortably. It is a rare commodity, indeed, which performs exactly as advertised. Thanks for a great product!

- Tommy Willoughby -

Technical Support Manager, HostPro - Los Angeles, CA

Well I found you by accident about 2 years ago, since than I have wondered about the Evolution mouse-trak. Hesitated for the 2 years. I just recently had my boss buy me the Evolution and received it today:) WOW, very impressed, there was a minor defect of the pad, which is not a big problem as I will use super glue to make sure it does not come apart. Other than that, it made my life so much better.


As a technical support manager that answers many emails and works on scripts and html trouble shooting, I use my mouse constantly. Right off the bat the Evolution was smooth, fast and easy to use, took me a couple of hours to get used to, after that I was full force. I now will purchase an Evolution for home use and will recommended to other staff members. The only disappointment was the defect of the pad that lay on top of the Evolution as it was not glued properly, still this did not swayed my mind about this trackball, you can pass this on to your management team. And no there is no need to update the site as it has all the information needed. Thanks again.

- Miguel Jimenez -

CNC Machinist/Programmer, Millenium Three Corp
Los Angeles, CA

I found your sight by taking a chance and trying  www.itacsystems.com. The pointing device I purchased for my first computer in 1988 was a Mouse-Trak Model M5. I used a trackball at work and quickly saw the advantages. This same Mouse-Trak trackball is still performing flawlessly after five computer upgrades, many,many drops on the floor (ouch!), a couple of beverage spills, and multiple car trips just tossed in the back seat! (To be honest, the hand support does need glue on one corner.) I AM using a different driver but only because of Windows. I wanted to THANK YOU for the ONLY computer product I have that has performed for me all these years. You have my word that when (and if?) I need a new trackball, Mouse-Trak is the one for me.

- Eugene Slaza -