ITAC Systems Frequently Asked Questions


1. Basic Unit Information

2. Unit Operations

3. Unit Programming and Button Assignments

4. Unit Specs and Mechanical Information

5. Warranty and Returns Information

6. Shipping Information



Section 1: Basic Unit Information


Q: What are the basic differences between the Professional Desktop and Industrial Desktop models?

A: Both the Professional Desktop and the Industrial Desktop contain 4 buttons. Both are available in scrolling models. The basic differences are in build materials. While the Professional model is made from ABS plastic, the Industrial model is made from glass filled Xenoy. The case and internal parts of the Industrial models are made from high-strength, high impact resistant materials to withstand greater handling loads than the professional models. In addition, the Industrial models can be fitted with a provided dust ring kit to reduce the introduction of debris into the unit.


Q: Can the units be customized?

A: Yes, most of our units can be customized in a number of ways. First, many of our devices have user assignable key mapping that requires no drivers or software. Next, many of our devices offer on-device speed controls. Lastly, some devices offer audible feedback. Some of our Panel Mounted units are also available with or without wiring pigtail harnesses for custom installations and applications.



Section 2: Unit Operations


Q: What software is required to operate ITAC Systems devices?

A: Our devices are software and device driver free. They are Plug-N-Play. Our devices use the drivers provided by the host operating system.


Q: What operating systems are your units compatible with?

A: Unless the unit is specific to SUN workstations, almost all units are compatible with all windows versions, MAC OS and Linux systems.


Q: Why does my Trak Ball seem to "slip" or miss my hand movements occasionally?

A: Your unit can accumulate dust and debris onto the moving encoder wheels, that in extreme cases, can impact the free movement of these encoders. The unit can usually be returned to full operation with three or four long and rapid sweeps of the track ball in the primary X and Y direction. If this does not eradicate the problem, contact ITAC Systems for warranty repair and your unit will be returned after receiving factory refurbishing.



Section 3: Unit Programming and Button Assignment


Q: Can the buttons be programmed (Assigned)?

A: Yes, on PS/2 models, each of the three primary buttons can be programmed to operate as single-click, double-click, or click-and-drag. These can be engaged by a simple "Key-Chording" procedure, as follows:


1. To toggle between Left-handed and Right-handed (default) modes: Press LEFT/RIGHT/SPEED keys at the same time.

2. To toggle MIDDLE key between MIDDLE Mouse Key and Left Key Click-and-Drag: Press LEFT/RIGHT/MIDDLE/SPEED keys at the same time.

3. To toggle MIDDLE key between MIDDLE Mouse Key and Left Key Double-Click: Press LEFT/RIGHT/MIDDLE keys at the same time.

4. To toggle RIGHT key between RIGHT Click and RIGHT Clich-and-Drag: Press RIGHT/SPEED keys at the same time.


Note: Key cording requires a 1-second duration of stable key states to accept key-chord sequence.


Q: Is programmable keys through key chording available on the USB models?

A: Not at this time


Q: Can the unit be configured for left hand use?

A: Yes. To toggle between Left-handed and Right-handed (default) modes: Press LEFT/RIGHT/SPEED keys at the same time.


Q: Why does the unit always revert to right hand mode?

A: When power is removed from the Mouse-Trak, it reverts back to the factory default settings of Right-Hand mode, Left, Middle, and Right key are single-clicks.



Section 4: Unit Specifications and Mechanical Information


Q: What serial protocols do you support?

A: The Serial Mouse-Trak models support Serial 3-byte and 5-byte modes. All data is transmitted at 1200 Baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity.



Section 5: Warranty and Returns Information


Q: What is your warranty?

A: All Mouse-Trak products are covered by a full Two-Year warranty. After the first two years, ITAC Systems will happily handle repairs and refurbishing of units through our RMA procedures. Contact ITAC Systems Sales for instructions on how to return units for service.



Section 6: Shipping Information


Q: Which shipping methods are available?

A: We ship via UPS and FedEx. If shipping UPS, all shipping options are available. When shipping FedEx, all options except ground are available.


Q: When I return a unit for repair, do I need to ship it in it's original packaging?

A: No, shipping the unit in it's original packaging is not necessary, but it does afford the unit additional protection during shipping.






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