ITAC Systems Industrial Desk Top Series

The ITAC Systems Industrial Desk Top (IDT) trackball controller is a heavy duty control and pointing device that is manufactured with superior materials to endure the most stringent environment and use applications. Conformal coating on the Industrial unit PCB protects against caustic and conductive contaminants. Stainless steel shafts and bearings, and super strong glass filled Xenoy™ thermoplastic housing construction, make this unit extremely durable. The IDT is tough enough to withstand the most difficult tasks, but it is also designed to significantly reduce the effects of common repetitive stress injury (RSI) syndrome caused by wrist and elbow powered mouse devices. Integrated hand support virtually eliminates the threat of carpal tunnel injuries as well. The IDT provides high speed, accurate and precise operation under the most challenging conditions.

ITAC Systems Industrial trackball spotlight article as published in Electronic Specifier.

Industrial MOUSE-TRAK Model Chart

Interface USB USB USB PS/2 Serial SUN
Features Reference Model Scrolling Enabled BAE SOCET SET/GXP Assignable Keys Assignable Keys Assignable Keys


Industrial MOUSE-TRAK Device Family Common Features:

1. Case is textured Xenoy™ 6240/5220

2. Outer casing is UL 94HB Flame Class Rated (3)

3. Trackball is cast phenolic resin

4. Hand rest Pad is Grade 5800 flexible PVC

5. Shafts and ball bearings are 440 hardened stainless steel

6. Entirely RoHS Compliant

7. Conformal coated PCB resistant to liquids, moisture and dust.

8. Switches rated at 1,000,000  minimum actuations

Industrial MOUSE-TRAK Suggested Market Applications:

Industrial, Commercial Marine, Medical, Government & Military

Geospatial, Automotive, Aeronautics, Energy Distribution & Production

Communications & Call Centers