ITAC Systems Panel Top HAND-TRAK


The ITAC Systems Hand Trak (HT) pointing and control device is a gestural input engine driven device that has no moving parts and is unaffected by dust, dirt, or vibration. It can be mounted in any position: upside down, sideways, angled to the application etc. The user moves a hand or finger over an optical lens to communicate desired direction, speed, and distance of cursor movement. HT is patented in its operation and design.  HT can be panel mounted; Velcro adhered or just loosely placed on an existing control surface. The HT requires no software drivers. The HT is more rugged than an industrial track ball and is more precise that a sealed touch-pad or joystick. HT is designed for EXTREME environments and has proven its abilities in steel mills, machine shops, outdoor control panels and even military applications where rugged, vibration tolerable endurance is a must.



‚ÄčITAC Systems sealed HMI device achieves reliable operation by eliminating moving parts

Panel Top HAND-TRAK Model Chart

Interface USB Panel Mount PS/2 Panel Mount SUN Panel Mount USB Panel Top PS/2 Panel Top
Model H-PMUSB-A0001/A0002 H-PMSMP-A0001/A0002 H-PMSUN-A0001/A0002 H-PTUSB-A0001/A0002 H-PTSMP-A0001/A0002
Features Panel Mount Panel Mount Panel Mount Panel Top Panel Top
Interface SUN Panel Top Note:
Model H-PTSUN-A0001/A0002 A0001 - Normal Axis Units
Features Panel Top A0002 - Inverted Axis Units

Pantel Top HAND-TRAK Device Family Common Features:

1. No moving parts

2. Entirely RoHS Compliant

3. Conformal coated PCB

4. Switches rated at 1,000,000 minimum actuations


Certified against the following:

Dirt and debris, Liquids and light splashing

Circulating dust, Rain, snow and sleet

Airborne lint, dust and fibers



Suggested Market Applications:

Commercial Marine, Medical, Government & Military, Automotive

Aeronautics, Energy Distribution and Production

Communications & Call Centers, Kiosk & Embedded