ITAC Systems Powered by Pretorian Panel X Fascia Mount Devices


ITAC Systems Powered by Pretorian 38/50mm Panel-X Fascia Mount Trackballs and Panel-J Fascia Mount Joystick are rugged brushed stainless steel fascia panel mounted pointing devices each fitted with three vandal resistant stainless steel buttons. Designed for demanding industrial environments, Panel-X builds on the proven design of the panel mount 38/50mm trackballs. The Panel-J Joystick is especially suitable for use in aggressive environments where high levels of airborne and process contaminants (dust, saline solutions, liquids, lubricants etc) would render other pointing/input devices inoperable; and also in clean rooms and medical applications where extensive use of cleaning solutions make other pointing/input devices nonviable.  (A shock-transmission plate can also be fitted to either type unit to further protect it against abuse.)


‚ÄčITAC Systems joystick spotlight article as published in Electronic Specifier.

Pretorian Panel X and Fascia Mount Model Chart

38mm Panel-X Trackball
Interface Quadrature Quadrature PS/2 / USB PS/2 / USB PS/2 / USB
Model T538AA1A-3 T538AE1A-3 T538BA1A-3 T538BE1A-3 T538BF6A-3
Features Unsealed Sealed Unsealed Sealed Stainless steel seal protector

Device Family Common Features:

1. A unique molded, chassis, skirt that surrounds the base of the ball to manage the ingress of any fluids or solid matter away from the PCB.

2. A unique design, which allows 'shimming' of the top plate to adjust ball feel for customer preference.

3. Filled Vias on the PCB for corrosion protection.

4. Stainless steel shafts (with N6 surface finish) and bearings.

5. Five Button support in USB and PS/2 protocols.

6. The most exhaustive testing regime of any trackball or joystick on the market.

Suggested Market Applications:

Commercial Marine, Medical, Government & Military, Automotive

Aeronautics, Energy Distribution and Production

Communications & Call Centers, Kiosk & Embedded

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50mm Panel-X Trackball
Interface Quadrature PS/2 / USB Quadrature PS/2 / USB PS/2 / USB
Model T550AA1A-3 T550BA1A-3 T550AE1A-3 T550BE1A-3 T550BF6A-3
Features Unsealed Unsealed Sealed Sealed Stainless Steel Seal Protector