ITAC Systems Powered by Pretorian 38mm and 50mm Panel Mount Trackballs


ITAC Systems Powered by Pretorian 38mm & 50mm Trackballs are rugged panel mountable 38/50mm Trackballs. They are the only pointing device family in the world to combine all of the connection formats (protocols) used in modern computer systems into a single unit. Each unit is capable of phase quadrature, USB, PS/2, Microsoft serial, Mouse Systems and Sun protocols, allowing a single unit to operate with virtually any modern computer system, reducing inventory and minimizing commissioning time. Both sizes of trackball have five button inputs, wheel inputs, optional back-lighting, audio-visual features and ball color options available to suit any application required. However the 38mm size is available in optional rectangle (T1 38xxxx) or square (T2 38xxxx) formats.

Pretorian 38-50mm Panel Mount Model Chart

38mm Trackball
Interface Quadrature Quadrature PS/2 / USB PS/2 / USB PS/2 / USB
Model T138AA1A
Features Unsealed Sealed Unsealed Sealed Stainless steel seal protector
50mm Trackball
Interface Quadrature PS/2 / USB Quadrature PS/2 / USB PS/2 / USB
Model T150AA1A T150BA1A T150AE1A T150BE1A T150BF6A
Features Unsealed Unsealed Sealed Sealed Stainless Steel Seal Protector

Device Family Common Features:

1. A unique molded, chassis, skirt that surrounds the base of the ball to manage the ingress of any fluids or solid matter away from the PCB.

2. A unique design, which allows 'shimming' of the top plate to adjust ball feel for customer preference.

3. Filled Vias on the PCB for corrosion protection.

4. Stainless steel shafts (with N6 surface finish) and bearings.

5. Five Button support in USB and PS/2 protocols.

6. The most exhaustive testing regime of any trackball on the market. Every trackball is tested on our Automatic Test Equipment and issued with a Data Log.

Suggested Market Applications:

Commercial Marine, Medical, Government & Military, Automotive

Aeronautics, Energy Distribution and Production

Communications & Call Centers, Kiosk & Embedded